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Driveways & Walkways

Concrete driveways are durable, low-maintenance and offer more versatility than pavers or asphalt. You can also choose from a number of colors, textures and patterns for a decorative concrete driveway taking your home value to the next level.
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Concrete patios are the new standard in decorative outdoor living spaces. The savvy homeowner of today chooses concrete for its durability and for the number of options to choose from in color, design and finishes. Generations Concrete can be your design consultant to help you find the perfect patio to complement your home. We can also help you revitalize your current concrete patio with sealing, resurfacing, staining and engraving services.
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Basketball Courts

Residential basketball courts can become the backbone of time spent together as a family. Remember that first free throw you made as a kid or that endless game of H.O.R.S.E? Concrete sports courts, of any kind, including basketball, tennis, shuffleboard or ice hockey are wonderful additions to a home and provide durability with little maintenance.
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Outdoor pools can bring the whole neighborhood together for barbeques, birthday parties and more. Let us give you a beautifully designed pool deck that will be the talk of your neighborhood.
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Garage Floor Coatings

Garage floor coatings are one of the most economical and aesthetically pleasing ways to enhance a concrete garage floor. A garage floor coating not only upgrades the appearance of the floor, it also increases the floors resistance to stains while hiding minor imperfections. You also have a wide array of design options to choose from.
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With a concrete porch, you can let your imagination run wild. Choose a simple broom finish, a stamped masterpiece or anything in between.
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Steps & Stairs

Replacing concrete steps and stairs is cost effective and important to ensure the continued safety of your family.
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Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlays provide a cost-effective alternative to completely removing or replacing concrete. Overlays can permanently cover up surface imperfections or change the entire appearance of the concrete with decorative overlays.
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Basement Floors

Realtor surveys consistently show that transforming a full or partial basement into a living space can maximize the return on the homeowner’s investment with the payback usually exceeding the remodeling expenditure. Concrete basement floors can add value and beauty to your home.
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Concrete Staining

Concrete staining services have become very popular and give you many options to change the appearance of your home. If interested in concrete staining, contact us today to visit our showroom and explore the many possibilities waiting for you.
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Sealing your concrete is very important to ensure its continued protection and beauty for years to come.
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